Mindfulness & Meditation

Join Ann Stevenson on a journey of finding alignment in the mind, body and heart through these weekly meditations.

We live in uncertain times and being able to find a place of calm within is essential when launching a new business.

The meditations are held on Zoom, at 12.30pm or 7pm UK time every Monday. Just book your place and click on the Zoom link to join the calls. There is no charge to join.

You may attend either session, or both and if you cannot make it one week that's absolutely fine. Just re-connect when you can.

If you would prefer a 1-2-1 session with Ann you can contact here at: [email protected] or through her website: https://annstevenson.org/

If you would like to try something different have a look at our "Meet your Future Self" Visualisation exercise, part of our Biz Bites programme.

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Mindfulness/ Meditation with Ann Stevenson

Start the week in a place of calm...

We live in unprecedented times and starting a new venture in such uncertain circumstances can be unsettling. Get your week off to the best start by learning to calm the mind and listen to your body. Ann guides you through a free weekly meditation to help you achieve calm in the mond, body and heart.